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Experience is the best teacher...

On this page I'll include some tips and tricks about How to Show yourself. Where appropriate, I'll include steps or links to help clarify my explanations.

The first advice?  OPEN MIND

Resume Design Tips 

Employers prefer resumes that get to the point..

Add interest and clarity by using bullets, indents and varying font styles (such as bold and italic letters). Avoid using unconventional fonts or adding photos or graphics.

The general rule is: one page for early-career (entry level to 5-10 years); two pages for mid-career candidates. 

Provide the reader with relevant detail about your past and present employers, such as product information, size and physical location.

Quantify your job duties, reporting relationships and achievements with actual numbers.

Make sure the dates are clear and without gaps. If you’re a mid- to late-career candidate, you can save space by lumping early-career jobs together. 

Please be accurate—and honest. Misrepresenting your degree is unethical, and could result in consequences that are embarrassing—or worse.

About Resume-on-CD
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Do you remember I ask you to be OPEN MIND?
What if you use this software instead for TO SHOW your HOME BUSINESS, your HOBBIE, your SERVICE?



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