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How to Get a Job

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On this page, I include one or more sets of instructions that may help others get a Job.  I'll try to make my instructions easy to scan, but also as specific as possible. Good Luck!
Good timing plays a role in finding a job, but that is only part of the picture. Here is how to find the job you want.
Step by step you will be there!

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1.  Assess your skills, experience and goals, and select appropriate employment fields that interest you.
2.  Spread the word. Tell everyone you know and meet that you are looking for a job¿you will be surprised at the number of opportunities you¿ll discover this way.
3.  Network, network, network. Attend professional-association meetings in your industry, scour the associations¿ membership directories for contacts, and schedule informational interviews with people in the field. Always get more names of people to contact at the end of the informational interview. Volunteer for something.
4.  Contact your local or state employment office, or your college career center, for resources and leads.
5.  Get out and about. The most direct way to learn about job openings is to contact employers themselves. Target an area downtown, dress the part, and stop in at every appropriate business establishment, including employment agencies, to fill out an application.
6.  Remember that many job openings are not listed in the newspaper help-wanted section. However, Internet job boards are often used by employers for their ease and immediacy.
7.  Pick up the phone. Yes, it¿s scary, and yes, you¿ll hear ¿No¿ a lot, but you only need a handful of ¿Yeses¿ to land a job.
8.  Follow up on written contacts. Send out résumés if you must, and you¿ll certainly fill out applications, but these alone won¿t get your face in the place. Follow up with a phone call within five to seven days of every written communication.
9.  Ask for interviews. If you find yourself interviewing for a position that¿s not for you (or with an interviewer who obviously doesn¿t think you¿re right for the opening), ask for interviews with other department heads or even with other companies that the interviewer may know are hiring.
10.  Prepare. Do some research the hiring company and its industry so that you¿ll have a stock of relevant questions to ask the person across the desk.
11.  Give the impression that you¿re ready to be part of the team.
12.  Send a thank-you note after the interview. E-mail is acceptable.
13.  Call your interviewer three days later and ask if there is any more information you can provide.


When you're interviewing, make it a dialogue. Asking questions will make you appear knowledgeable and eager, as well as help to calm your nerves.
Review the Sunday help-wanted section to get a feel for the hiring marketplace.
Drop in on your local Chamber of Commerce breakfast or after-dinner meeting. These are usually open to nonmembers for a small fee and offer the opportunity to make valuable contacts.


Avoid the mistake of turning down additional interviews once you've had a good one. Keep your job search in high gear right up to your first day on the new job.


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